Our advice process

Our private client services

Our fees

Our approach to fees is fair and transparent. We will always explain our fees in an uncomplicated manner and will agree them with you prior to commencement of any work.

We do not charge for an initial meeting but if you ask us to provide you with independent financial advice we will charge you for that advice. We will always agree the fees with you and put details in writing.

Before you become a client of Attivo Financial Planning, you will be given our Private Client Agreement which outlines our fees in detail and gives you a typical example.

Fees can either be settled with us directly, or in most cases, we can arrange for fees to be taken from your existing investment via the product or platform provider. This will be clearly shown on your valuation statements.

1. Initial engagement

Initial client engagement meeting
Either over the phone, video meeting or at a place convenient for you, one of our Trainee Financial Planners will introduce Attivo Financial Planning to you and answer any questions you have about us or the financial planning process.

They will undertake some initial fact finding to understand your financial planning needs and you will be asked to sign a form to help us collect the information we need to assist with your financial planning. Please have any financial documents and proof of identity to hand.

Information gathering
After the meeting, we will obtain information directly from your product provider(s) so that one of our Financial Planners can understand and analyse your plans and policies.

Our Paraplanning Team then prepare a summary of your plans, and the most suitable Financial Planner will be chosen for you based on your needs and the type of plans and policies you have.

2. Fact finding

Fact find meeting
At this stage, your Financial Planner will ask for more detailed information from you to fully understand your financial objectives and aspirations. They will also assess your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss.

Portfolio summary and next steps meeting
Your Financial Planner will discuss the summary of your financial products, answer any questions you may have and agree your priorities and next steps. They will look at any areas of advice that should be considered and agree any fees.

Financial planning review and suitability report
Based on the information you have supplied, your Financial Planner will undertake further analysis and research and prepare a full suitability report detailing their recommendations.

3. Presentation of recommendations

Financial planning presentation
This is the second meeting with your Financial Planner. At this meeting you will be taken through a comprehensive presentation of our recommendations which will be discussed in detail, and documented in a report. It is important you understand and are happy with our recommendations, so please ask any questions you may have. Only when you are in agreement will we move to the next stage.

4. Implementation

Application completion
Once you have instructed us, your Financial Planner will take you through the paperwork and ask you to sign the relevant documents.

We will never undertake or charge you for any work without your consent.

Intermediation with providers
Your Financial Planner will liaise with providers to implement your recommendations. You will receive documentation from us and from the providers we have selected for you.

Conclusion of recommendations
Once the whole process has been completed, we will call you to confirm that we have carried out the agreed work.

5. Ongoing financial planning reviews

It is important to review your plans regularly to adapt to any changes in circumstance and legislation, ensuring you remain on track to meet your financial goals and aspirations. We offer a review at least annually, which can take place on the telephone, video call or in person.

Our team will call you to arrange your review at a convenient time for you.

We want you to get the most out of this meeting so please consider if your objectives are the same as before, or if your circumstances and requirements have changed

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us on 01242 585444 or clientservices@attivogroup.co.uk.