Independent Corporate Financial
Planning review

Recruiting the right people is key to success in any industry, and retaining and rewarding them is crucial. Many businesses have never had an Independent Corporate Financial Planning Review and may be unaware of the planning opportunities to protect the interests of the business and its assets, whilst looking after employees and meeting regulatory requirements.

What is an Independent Corporate Financial Planning Review?

This is where we complete an independent and impartial review of your business’ existing situation and provide a documented report on all areas of corporate financial planning including:
• existing benefit schemes including auto enrolment and pensions for directors, managers and employees
• the business structure and ownership
• existing directors’ and owners’ plans
• tax position and efficiency of the business
• business premises
• objectives and future growth plans of the business.

Our Corporate Financial Planning Review is bespoke to your business’ circumstances and will be yours to keep and refer to.


This is where we identify and agree any requirements that may need a financial planning solution. We may identify requirements that the business does not wish to address yet, but it is crucial that owners and directors are aware of any legal responsibilities or liabilities the business could face. We may also establish ways in which the current position of the business could be improved for owners, directors, and employees based on benefits, tax efficiency or growth.

Assessment and research

In order to determine the options and products available, we will undertake an independent review of all existing arrangements and assess their competitiveness and suitability in meeting the business’ requirements. We will also consider the legislation and regulation relevant to your business.

Financial Plan

Your Corporate Financial Plan will outline the key considerations for your business which we will explain to you in detail. If you agree, we will work with you to implement our recommendations.

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